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Miss Sophia Binte Mohd Rozle 

Miss Sophia Binte Mohd Rozle possesses a Bachelor of Communication Degree and a Specialist Diploma in Teaching and Learning for Allied Educators. Her firm-but-fair teaching style has earned her the love and respect of students through her years in the primary teaching profession.

"I believe that education is the most powerful tool in changing one's life." - Miss Sophia



Miss Dawn Chin Wan Ping

Miss Dawn Chin Wan Ping possesses a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Arts and Social Science as well as a Post Graduate Diploma in Education. Her patient and encouraging nature has won many hearts through her years of teaching in a primary school. "Teaching is a creative process that involves connecting and engaging students while empowering them with knowledge."

- Miss Chin

Mrs Goh Siew Hong

Mrs Goh Siew Hong possesses a Certificate in Education and a Diploma in Departmental Management. She has spent 36 years in the teaching profession and has inspired the young through her interesting teaching methods. "As a teacher, I assist every child under my care develop their own potential and allow them to grow at their own pace."

- Mrs Goh


Miss Lee Lin Foong 

Miss Lee Lin Foong possesses a Masters in Education and has enjoyed building her rapport with students through her years of teaching in primary schools. "Teaching is sharing the joy of learning with students and making a positive difference in their lives."

- Miss Lee

Miss Raihanah

Miss Raihanah bte Mohamed Said possesses a Postgraduate Diploma in Education and a Bachelor of Arts Degree. With more than 15 years of primary school teaching experience and another 6 years of secondary school teaching experience under her belt, her love for teaching knows no bounds.

"Teaching is about educating, guiding and nurturing our young to maximise their potential."

- Miss Raihanah

Miss Agnes Michelle D/O Mariadass Leo

Miss Agnes Michelle possesses a Diploma in Education and has made a difference in the lives of many through her years as a primary school teacher.

"Being a good teacher, to me, is not only about sharing knowledge but it is also about guiding learners in making good choices and in believing in themselves."

- Miss Agnes Michelle

Miss Tang Hui Ying Annabel

Miss Annabel Tang possesses a Bachelor of Accountancy Degree and a Bachelor in Business Management.

" Teaching means inspiring students to reach for greater goals and dreams as they build their self-confidence and successfully conquer every obstacle they face in the process."

- Miss Tang


Miss Nurhayati 

Miss Nurhayati bte Abdul Aziz possesses a Bachelor of Science Degree (Mathematics).

"Constant encouragement and reaffirmation of my students' efforts form part of my teaching style."

- Miss Nurhayati

Mrs Sabira Islam 

Mrs Sabira Islam possesses a Bachelor of Science Degree (Chemistry) and a Certificate in teaching Math and English.

"With perseverance and passion, a teacher can bring out the best in a child."

- Mrs Sabira


Miss Quek Sze Bin

Miss Quek Sze Bin possesses a Degree in Applied Mathematics. "Differentiated learning provides children the opportunity to learn at their pace and keep them motivated."

- Miss Quek

Miss Roslina Binte Ibrahim 

Miss Roslina Binte Ibrahim possesses a Diploma in Building Services Engineering.

"I feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment when a student understands and masters the concepts."

- Miss Roslina


Miss Tan Pwan Sung Celestine

Miss Celestine Pwan possesses a Master of Education (Specialized in TESOL), Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Business Studies, Graduate Diploma in TESOL and a Diploma in TESOL.

"Ultimately, it is my goal to enable all children with the ability to overcome all kinds of learning difficulties they are struggling with."

- Miss Pwan


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