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Miss Mary Teo 

Miss Mary Teo possesses a Certificate in Education (NIE) and both Miss Teo and her former students have enjoyed 40 priceless years of her holistic teaching approach.

"Education encompasses both the development of knowledge and character in children."

- Miss Teo



Mrs Rane Uma Mangesh 

Mrs Rane Uma Mangesh possesses a Masters in Education (Primary) and has touched the lives of many primary school students through her 10 years in the teaching sector. "It gives me a sense of satisfaction when inspired and motivated young minds learn holistically through collaboration, exploration and articulate their opinions."

-Mrs Uma

Miss Julie Choo

Miss Julie Choo possesses a Bachelor of Education Degree (English and Special Needs) and has a 36-year fulfilling experience teaching in a primary school.

"My greatest joy is when my students grasp the concepts taught and have fun while doing so."

- Miss Choo

Miss Tan Keng Leng 

Miss Tan Keng Leng possesses a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education. Her ability to clearly explain concepts, coupled with a 20-year teaching experience, has brought joy to many students and parents alike .

"I enjoy helping children overcome their difficulties and instil confidence in them. They are a joy to interact with."

- Miss Tan


Ms Raihanah Bte Mohamed Said

Miss Raihanah bte Mohamed Said possesses a Postgraduate Diploma in Education and a Bachelor of Arts Degree. With more than 15 years of primary school teaching experience and another 6 years of secondary school teaching experience under her belt, her love for teaching knows no bounds.

"Teaching is about educating, guiding and nurturing our young to maximise their potential."

- Miss Raihanah

Miss Sophia Binte Mohd Rozle 

Miss Sophia Binte Mohd Rozle possesses a Bachelor of Communication Degree and a Specialist Diploma in Teaching and Learning for Allied Educators. Her firm-but-fair teaching style has earned her the love and respect of students through her years in the primary teaching profession.

"I believe that education is the most powerful tool in changing one's life." - Miss Sophia

Miss Herwinder Kaur 

Miss Herwinder Kaur possesses a Diploma in Education and has taught and guided children for many years as a primary school teacher.

"I love watching children learn and grow in character."

- Miss Kaur


Miss Irene Toh 

Miss Irene Toh possesses a Diploma in Education and has gained immense satisfaction and experience through her years of teaching in a primary school. "Satisfaction comes from being able to coax a timid child out of his/her shell or when a child makes a positive change in his/her behaviour."

- Miss Toh

Miss Agnes Michelle D/O Mariadass Leo

Miss Agnes Michelle possesses a Diploma in Education and has made a difference in the lives of many through her years as a primary school teacher.

"Being a good teacher, to me, is not only about sharing knowledge but it is also about guiding learners in making good choices and in believing in themselves."

- Miss Agnes Michelle

Miss Joyce Ang Hwee Peng 

Miss Joyce Ang Hwee Peng possesses a Bachelor of Communication Studies (Upper Hons) Degree.

"Teachers touch and influence the lives of children so that they can be the best versions of themselves."

- Miss Ang


Miss Soumya Poduval

Miss Soumya Poduval possesses a Post Graduate Diploma in Education, Masters in Modern and Contemporary Literature and Culture as well as a Bachelor of Arts (English Literature) Degree. She has a wealth of experience teaching English and engages students effectively.

"Teaching to me means respecting my students’ autonomy and experiences, and planning engaging lessons that activate students' curiosity and desire to learn independently."

- Miss Poduval


Miss Celine Yeo  

Miss Celine Yeo possesses a Bachelor of Arts and Social Science Degree. 

"Knowing that I've made a difference to the lives of children is a reward in itself."

- Miss Yeo

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