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Mrs Goh Siew Hong 

Mrs Goh Siew Hong possesses a Certificate in Education and a Diploma in Departmental Management. She has spent 36 years in the teaching profession and has inspired the young through her interesting teaching methods. "As a teacher, I assist every child under my care develop their own potential and allow them to grow at their own pace."

- Mrs Goh



Miss Yvonne Cheow  

Miss Yvonne Cheow possesses a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Diploma in Education. Many students have benefitted from her years of teaching in a primary schol. "As an educator, I want my students to grow up to be life-long learners and enjoy the process!"

- Miss Cheow



Mr Sobri Omar 

Mr Sobri possesses a Diploma in Law and Management, a Diploma in Education and a Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations & Media Studies). With 8 years of experience teaching in a primary school, He continues to motivate students through his style of teaching.

"As an educator, I believe in imparting knowledge & skills that will benefit my students long after they leave my classroom."

- Mr Omar

Miss Agnes Michelle D/O Mariadass Leo

Miss Agnes Michelle possesses a Diploma in Education and has made a difference in the lives of many through her years as a primary school teacher.

"Being a good teacher, to me, is not only about sharing knowledge but it is also about guiding learners in making good choices and in believing in themselves."

- Miss Agnes Michelle

Miss Irene Toh 

Miss Irene Toh possesses a Diploma in Education and has gained immense satisfaction and experience through her years of teaching in a primary school. "Satisfaction comes from being able to coax a timid child out of his/her shell or when a child makes a positive change in his/her behaviour."

- Miss Toh

Miss Chee Siok Chin 

Miss Chee Siok Chin possesses a Diploma in Physical Education and a Bachelor in Education Studies Degree. Her years of teaching both primary and secondary English has only fuelled her love for teaching.

"I enjoy teaching children how to communicate effectively and articulately in the English language."

- Miss Chee


Miss Joanne Lee Yen Yen

Miss Joanne Lee possesses a Post Graduate Diploma in Education and has taught in secondary schools for 9 years.

"Teaching can be summarised in a quote: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." - Miss Joanne Lee

Miss Roslina Binte Ibrahim  

Miss Roslina Binte Ibrahim possesses a Diploma in Building Services Engineering.

"I feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment when a student understands and masters the concepts."

- Miss Roslina

Miss Julaina Elitia Khan

Miss Julaina Elitia Khan possesses a Bachelor of Social Science Degree and a Masters of Science in Management (Entrepreneurship).

"I aspire to serve the needs of my students and empower them to become visionaries."

- Miss Khan

Miss Tan Chwei Ying 

Miss Tan possesses a Masters in Arts (Applied Linguistics), a Bachelor of Arts (English Education) and a Professional Certificate in Creative Writing. Miss Tan has had years of experience teaching primary students.

" I believe a teacher must be dedicated and enthusiastic about the shaping and nurturing of children."

- Miss Tan


Miss Moonshee Fatimah

Miss Moonshee Fatimah possesses a Bachelor of Law (LLB) (Hons) and has over 20 years of primary and secondary teaching experience.

"My passion for teaching would be best articulated as patience, empathy, knowledge, determination, courage and laughter."

- Miss Moonshee


Miss Meetal Madia

Miss Meetal Madia possesses a Bachelor in Childhood Studies and Guidance and Counselling, a Diploma in Autism Studies, a Diploma in Special Education, a Diploma in Law and Management and a Certificate in Supporting SpLd learners in Mathematics.

"As teachers, we must account for children with differences through lesson differentiation and scaffolding."

- Miss Madia


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