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Miss Herwinder Kaur

Miss Herwinder Kaur possesses a Diploma in Education and has taught and guided children for many years as a primary school teacher.

"I love watching children learn and grow in character.

- Miss Kaur

Mr Sobri Omar 

Mr Sobri possesses a Diploma in Law and Management, a Diploma in Education and a Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations & Media Studies). With 8 years of experience teaching in a primary school, He continues to motivate students through his style of teaching.

"As an educator, I believe in imparting knowledge & skills that will benefit my students long after they leave my classroom."

- Mr Omar

Miss Carolina Goh

Miss Carolina Goh possesses a Diploma in Business Studies and has years of experience teaching primary English under her belt. "Teaching is not only about imparting academic knowledge but also enriching values for children to carry into adulthood.

- Miss Goh

Miss Yvonne Cheow

Miss Yvonne possesses a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Diploma in Education. Many students have benefited from her years of teaching in a primary school.

"As an educator, I want my students to grow up to be life-long learners and enjoy the process!"

- Miss Cheow


Miss Dawn Chin Wan Ping  

Miss Dawn possesses a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Arts & Social Science as well as a Post Graduate Diploma in Education. Her patient and encouraging nature has won many hearts through her years of teaching in a primary school. "Teaching is a creative process that involves connecting and engaging students while empowering them with knowledge."

- Miss Chin


Miss Lee Lin Foong

Miss Lee Lin Foong possesses a Masters in Education and has enjoyed building her rapport with students through her years of teaching in primary schools. "Teaching is sharing the joy of learning with students and making a positive difference in their lives."

- Miss Lee

Miss Agnes Michelle D/O Mariadass Leo 

Miss Agnes Michelle possesses a Diploma in Education and has made a difference in the lives of many through her years as a primary school teacher.

"Being a good teacher, to me, is not only about sharing knowledge but it is also about guiding learners in making good choices and in believing in themselves."

- Miss Agnes Michelle

Mr Harry Chin  

Mr Harry Chin possesses a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics and a Bachelor of Education in TESOL (Hons).

"I hope that through my teaching, I can not only impart knowledge but instill good values in my students."

- Mr Chin


Mrs Goh Siew Hong

Mrs Goh possesses a Certificate in Education and a Diploma in Departmental Management.

She has spent 36 years in the teaching profession and has inspired the young through her interesting teaching methods.

"As a teacher, I assist every child under my care develop their own potential and allow them to grow at their own pace."

- Mrs Goh

Miss Praveena Gnanasagaran 

Miss Praveena Gnanasagaran possesses a Diploma in TESOL. "Being a teacher means giving everything I can and caring for my students unconditionally."

- Miss Praveena

Miss Soumya Poduval

Miss Soumya possesses a Post Graduate Diploma in Education, Masters in Modern and Contemporary Literature and Culture as well as a Bachelor of Arts (English Literature) Degree. 

"Teaching to me means respecting my students’ autonomy and experiences, and planning engaging lessons that activate students' curiosity and desire to learn independently."

- Miss Poduval

Miss Celine Yeo 

Miss Celine Yeo possesses a Bachelor of Arts and Social

Science Degree.

"Knowing that I've made a difference to the lives of children is a reward in itself."

- Miss Yeo


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