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Miss Irene Toh 

Miss Irene Toh possesses a Diploma in Education and has gained immense satisfaction and experience through her years of teaching in a primary school.

"Satisfaction comes from being able to coax a timid child out of his/her shell or when a child makes a positive change in his/her behaviour."

- Miss Toh

Miss Pan Shiyun

Miss Pan Shiyun possesses a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (NIE) and has enjoyed many fulfilling years as a primary school teacher.

"I engage my students using various pedagogical approaches and help them see relevance in what they are learning."

- Miss Pan


Miss Agnes Michelle D/O Mariadass Leo

Miss Agnes Michelle possesses a Diploma in Education and has made a difference in the lives of many through her years as a primary school teacher.

"Being a good teacher, to me, is not only about sharing knowledge but it is also about guiding learners in making good choices and in believing in themselves."

- Miss Agnes Michelle


Miss Manju Khanna

Miss Manju Khanna possesses a Bachelor of Engineering Degree.

"I excite children's imagination and help them to understand concepts as opposed to memorising them."

- Miss Manju




Miss Meetal Madia 

Miss Meetal Madia possesses a Bachelor in Childhood Studies and Guidance and Counselling, a Diploma in Autism Studies, a Diploma in Special Education, a Diploma in Law and Management and a Certificate in Supporting SpLd learners in Mathematics.

"As teachers, we must account for children with differences through lesson differentiation and scaffolding."

- Miss Madia


Mrs Sabira Islam   

Mrs Sabira Islam possesses a Bachelor of Science Degree (Chemistry) and a Certificate in teaching Math and English.

"With perseverance and passion, a teacher can bring out the best in a child."

- Mrs Sabira

Miss Roslina Binte Ibrahim 


Miss Roslina Binte Ibrahim possesses a Diploma in Building Services Engineering.

"I feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment when a student understands and masters the concepts."

- Miss Roslina


Mr Ang Yong Seng Jason


Mr Jason Ang possesses a Post Graduate Diploma in Education as well as an Environmental Engineering Degree and has had 6 years of primary school teaching experience.

"Teaching means inspiring students to learn and helping them discover their fullest potentials."

- Mr Jason Ang


Miss Tan Pwan Sung Celestine


Miss Celestine Pwan possesses a Master of Education (Specialized in TESOL), Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Business Studies, Graduate Diploma in TESOL and a Diploma in TESOL.

"Ultimately, it is my goal to enable all children with the ability to overcome all kinds of learning difficulties they are struggling with."

- Miss Pwan


 Mr Salleh Bin Kassim


Mr Salleh bin Kassim possesses a Bachelor of Science (Biology) Degree.

"I aim to inculcate and inspire lifelong learning in and beyond the classroom while instilling strong values and principles to ensure a well rounded personal development."

- Mr Salleh bin Kassim


 Mr Kevyn Sim


Mr Kevyn Sim possesses a Bachelor of Science degree.

"My main goal is to inspire the next generation through my teaching and mentoring skills."

- Mr Kevyn Sim


 Miss Chan Man Yi Stephanie


Miss Stephanie Chan possesses a Bachelor of Law and a Bachelor of Arts (Biology) degree.

"Teaching is a way to shape the next generation, to engage children's natural curiosity and create enthusiastic learners in the process."

- Miss Stephanie 


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