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Gear Up! English


The concepts of the English language are fortified through the revisiting of concepts. Additionally, our curriculum prepares our students for real world communication needs.

Launch! English


Launch! English is an exam-focused programme. Our students are

equipped with language skills, strategies and techniques to help

them ace their examinations through a comprehensive English curriculum that is aligned to MOE's English syllabus. 

Boost! English


Boost! English hones our students' well-developed understanding of the English language through a curriculum that engages higher-order thinking and writing. 

Gear Up! Math


Mathematical skills and concepts are taught for every day use and through our MOE-aligned syllabus, we help our students develop thinking, reasoning and application skills that will benefit them in life.

Launch! Math


Launch! Maths complements the MOE curriculum with a three-pronged approach of classroom engagement, learning videos and mastery worksheets to spark interest and reinforce concepts in Math.

Boost! Math


Boost! Maths takes Mathematically-inclined students to a whole new level. We aim to further enrich students’ knowledge in Mathematics beyond their curriculum requirements through a high-levelled problem-solving curriculum. 

Rocket Science!

Rocket Science! hones our students’ critical thinking, logical reasoning and process skills. Our MOE-aligned syllabus equips them with the strategical know-how to tackle exam-oriented questions  confidently.

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