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Every child is special.


However, not every child is given the opportunity to showcase his/her unique talents to the world. Factors such as low family income, tumultuous family life and being overly-exposed to society’s “dark forces” due to negligence and a lack of support, act as “chains” which could bind them to a rocky future.


We, at Vivapal, aim to break these chains, and present them with the opportunity to soar. This begins with education.


As part of our CSR efforts, Vivapal will be handing out 200 CSR Online accounts to these vulnerable children for free. Having access to this learning platform will ensure that they are meaningfully engaged through our live tutoring classes and online learning videos and worksheets. Having their plaguing questions answered will help them gain confidence in the subjects they are weak in and as every parent hopes, boost their eagerness to learn.


Every child is special. And every child deserves to be exposed to the wonderful world of learning.

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