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Miss Irene Toh

Miss Irene Toh possesses a Diploma in Education and has gained immense satisfaction and experience through her years of teaching in a primary school.

"Satisfaction comes from being able to coax a timid child out of his/her shell or when a child makes a positive change in his/her behaviour."

- Miss Toh

Mr Ang Yong Seng Jason


Mr Jason Ang possesses a Post Graduate Diploma in Education as well as an Environmental Engineering Degree and has had 6 years of primary school teaching experience.

"Teaching means inspiring students to learn and helping them discover their fullest potentials."

- Mr Jason Ang


Miss Lenny Syafawatie Abdul Rahman


Miss Lenny Syafawatie possesses a Diploma in Education and has over 9 years of experience teaching in primary schools.

"I teach to empower young minds to conquer what they think/feel is unattainable."

- Miss Lenny Syafawatie


Mr Sobri Omar 

Mr Sobri possesses a Diploma in Law and Management, a Diploma in Education and a Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations & Media Studies). With 8 years of experience teaching in a primary school, He continues to motivate students through his style of teaching.

"As an educator, I believe in imparting knowledge & skills that will benefit my students long after they leave my classroom."

- Mr Omar

Miss Joanne Lee Yen Yen

Miss Joanne Lee possesses a Post Graduate Diploma in Education and has taught in secondary schools for 9 years.

"Teaching can be summarised in a quote: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

- Miss Joanne Lee

Miss Meetal Madia 

Miss Meetal Madia possesses a Bachelor in Childhood Studies and Guidance and Counselling, a Diploma in Autism Studies, a Diploma in Special Education, a Diploma in Law and Management and a Certificate in Supporting SpLd learners in Mathematics.

"As teachers, we must account for children with differences through lesson differentiation and scaffolding."

- Miss Madia


Miss Roslina Binte Ibrahim 


Miss Roslina Binte Ibrahim possesses a Diploma in Building Services Engineering.

"I feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment when a student understands and masters the concepts."

- Miss Roslina


Mr Shiraz Rahman


Mr Shiraz Rahman possesses a Masters in Business Administration as well as a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Business Administration). "Teaching is my passion and I look forward to making a difference in the lives of my students every day."

- Mr Shiraz Rahman


 Miss Chan Man Yi Stephanie


Miss Stephanie Chan possesses a Bachelor of Law and a Bachelor of Arts (Biology) degree.

"Teaching is a way to shape the next generation, to engage children's natural curiosity and create enthusiastic learners in the process."

- Miss Stephanie 


Mr Salleh Bin Kassim


Mr Salleh bin Kassim possesses a Bachelor of Science (Biology) Degree.

"I aim to inculcate and inspire lifelong learning in and beyond the classroom while instilling strong values and principles to ensure a well rounded personal development."

- Mr Salleh bin Kassim


 Mr Kevyn Sim


Mr Kevyn Sim possesses a Bachelor of Science degree.

"My main goal is to inspire the next generation through my teaching and mentoring skills."

- Mr Kevyn Sim


Dr. Lovnish d/o Govind 

Mrs Uma possesses a Bachelor in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. "I have seen uninterested students develop passion for learning and introverted ones coming out of their shells to strive harder in my classroom. My dedication to teach has left an indelible impression in my students that I am sure this will last a lifetime." - Mrs Uma

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