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Miss Koh Soh Lian Hazel

Miss Hazel possesses a Masters in Education. Her years of teaching in a primary school have proven to be fulfilling and insightful ones.

"Teaching, to me, is providing children with the right tools to enable them to excel and succeed in life."

- Miss Koh

Miss Raihanah

Miss Raihanah possesses a Postgraduate Diploma in Education and a Bachelor of Arts Degree. With more than 15 years of primary school teaching & another 6 years of secondary school teaching experience under her belt, her love for teaching knows no bounds.

"Teaching is about educating, guiding and nurturing our young

to maximize their potential."

- Miss Raihanah

Miss Irene Toh 

Miss Irene possesses a Diploma in Education and has gained immense satisfaction and experience through her years of teaching in a primary school.

"Satisfaction comes from being able to coax a timid child out of his/her shell or when a child makes a positive change in his/her behaviour."

- Miss Toh

Mrs Rane Uma Mangesh 

Mrs Rane Uma possesses a Masters in Education (Primary) and has touched the lives of many primary school students through her 10 years in the teaching sector.

"It gives me a sense of satisfaction when inspired and motivated young minds learn holistically through collaboration, exploration and articulate their opinions."

-Mrs Uma


Mrs Rita Vorschulte

Mrs Rita possesses a Masters in Education and has a wealth of experience teaching the English language in various schools.

"One of my main goals as a teacher is to build confidence to my students so that they can be independent in future."

- Mrs Rita Vorschulte


Miss Praveena Gnanasagaran 

Miss Praveena Gnanasagaran possesses a Diploma in TESOL. "Being a teacher means giving everything I can and caring for my students unconditionally."

- Miss Praveena


Miss Siti Aisah 

Miss Siti Aisah possesses a Diploma in Education and has spend a good part of her career as a primary school teacher.

"Nothing makes me happier and more fulfilled than seeing a student discover their passion, experience success in learning, or come to understand the importance of perseverance."

- Miss Siti Aisah

Miss Moonshee Fatimah 

Miss Moonshee Fatimah possesses a Bachelor of Law (LLB) (Hons) and has over 20 years of primary and secondary teaching experience.

"My passion for teaching would be best articulated as patience, empathy, knowledge, determination, courage

and laughter."

- Miss Moonshee

Miss Sumitri

Miss Suitri d/o Palaninathan possesses a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters of Arts Degree.

"The knowledge I have gained from students has indeed been humbling and I always put the students in the centre of the learning."

- Miss Sumitri


Miss Tan Keng Leng 

Miss Tan possesses a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education. Her ability to clearly explain concepts, coupled with a 20-year teaching experience, has brought joy to many students and parents alike.

"I enjoy helping children overcome their difficulties and instill confidence in them. They are

a joy to interact with."

- Miss Tan


Miss Tan Chwei Ying

Miss Tan possesses a Masters in Arts (Applied Linguistics), a Bachelor of Arts (English Education) and a Professional Certificate in Creative Writing. Miss Tan has had years of experience teaching primary students.

" I believe a teacher must be dedicated and enthusiastic about the shaping and nurturing of children."

- Miss Tan


Dr. Lovnish d/o Govind 

Mrs Uma possesses a Bachelor in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. "I have seen uninterested students develop passion for learning and introverted ones coming out of their shells to strive harder in my classroom. My dedication to teach has left an indelible impression in my students that I am sure this will last a lifetime." - Mrs Uma

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