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How does my child learn online?


HeyHi is an excellent teaching platform with video, screen-sharing, interactive whiteboard and autosave functions. Our tutors use HeyHi during explicit teaching and reinforcing of concepts. Students may record their answers down on the whiteboard during assessment time and the lesson is saved for future revision purposes. 


Out tutors use Zoom when sharing learning videos during their tuning-in activities. Due to the video-conferencing and chat functions, both tutors and students exchange ideas and provide oratorical answers through this platform.

How will my child's work look like?

Students will then reinforce their understanding through the completion of worksheets (online and hard copies).
Remediation is then done either within the lesson or the lesson after to ensure students' full understanding of the concepts taught.
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Rest assured that your child is safe when using HeyHi for live teaching sessions. HeyHi uses a secured HTTPS connection to protect user data. 

Moreover, safety measures are taken before the meeting commences and during the meetings themselves. Prior to entering a meeting, an access code and entry permission will prevent unsolicited entry. 

Students, or anyone for that matter, who are not granted permission, are not able to enter the meeting room. In addition, there are in-built safety features to protect your child within the meeting sessions. 

We understand your deep concerns while your child is using Zoom as the medium of learning. As such, we have taken extra precautionary measures to protect your children. Prior to any lesson on Zoom, we enable the waiting room feature and will verify the identity of all students before allowing entry. 


Additionally, we have disabled auto one-click logins.

A password will be required before your child can request to enter the classroom. One-click chat functions also have been disabled and students will not be able to chat amongst themselves. Only the tutors may chat with them. 

Lastly, we have disabled the participant-share function. In the event where there is an unauthorised entry, any content can only be shared by the tutors.

How will my child be protected online?

We have implemented the following measures to safeguard your child online.
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