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Miss Hazel Koh Soh Lian

Miss Hazel Koh Soh Lian possesses a Masters in Education. Her years of teaching in a primary school have proven to be fulfilling and insightful ones.

"Teaching, to me, is providing children with the right tools to enable them to excel and succeed in life."

- Miss Koh



Mrs Ooi Hwee San

Mrs Ooi Hwee San possesses a Post Graduate Degree in Education.

"As a teacher, I impart values, nurture young minds and giude children towards achieving their fullest potential."

- Mrs Ooi

Mr Andre Liem Yew Loon

Mr Andre Liem Yew Loon possesses a Bachelor of Science (Engineering) Degree.

"I believe in learning through discovery and nurture my students to always take a positive stand in life."

- Mr Liem

Mr Muhammad Abdillah Bin Mohamed Amin 

Mr Muhammad Abdillah Bin Mohamed Amin possesses a Bachelor of Science (Business) Degree.

"It is important that students are inspired and have the desire to do well socially and academically."

- Mr Muhammad Abdillah


Mrs Rane Uma Mangesh 

Mrs Rane Uma Mangesh possesses a Masters in Education (Primary) and has touched the lives of many primary school students through her 10 years in the teaching sector. "It gives me a sense of satisfaction when inspired and motivated young minds learn holistically through collaboration, exploration and articulate their opinions."

- Mrs Uma


Miss Tan Keng Leng  

Miss Tan Keng Leng possesses a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education. Her ability to clearly explain concepts, coupled with a 20-year teaching experience, has brought joy to many students and parents alike .

"I enjoy helping children overcome their difficulties and instil confidence in them. They are a joy to interact with."

- Miss Tan

Miss Quek Sze Bin

Miss Quek Sze Bin possesses a Degree in Applied Mathematics. "Differentiated learning provides children the opportunity to learn at their pace and keep them motivated."

- Miss Quek

Miss Roslina Binte Ibrahim 

Miss Roslina Binte Ibrahim possesses a Diploma in Building Services Engineering.

"I feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment when a student understands and masters the concepts."

- Miss Roslina

Miss Irene Toh 

Miss Irene Toh possesses a Diploma in Education and has gained immense satisfaction and experience through her years of teaching in a primary school. "Satisfaction comes from being able to coax a timid child out of his/her shell or when a child makes a positive change in his/her behaviour."

- Miss Toh

Mr Ong Chin Yam 

Mr Ong Chin Yam possesses a Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) Degree and a Post Graduate Degree in Education. His passion for teaching Maths is evident through his years of teaching both primary and secondary maths.

"Learning is a continuous process of the sharpening of existing methodologies."

- Mr Ong

Mrs Sabira Islam 

Mrs Sabira Islam possesses a Bachelor of Science Degree (Chemistry) and a Certificate in teaching Math and English.

"With perseverance and passion, a teacher can bring out the best in a child."

- Mrs Sabira


Miss Lim Shen Yi Charlene

Miss Charlene Lim possesses a Bachelor of Science (Applied Mathematics) Degree.

"When I teach, I facilitate active learning and relate it to the real-world context. This allows the learner to experience holistic development in his/her knowledge, social, emotional and cognitive abilities."

- Miss Lim

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