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Ms Lee

After her graduation from the National Institute of Education in 1992, Ms Lee was posted to Ai Tong School. She taught the upper primary classes (P4-P6) and was appointed Head of Department (HOD) in 1997. As an HOD, she planned, implemented and reviewed the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to enhance classroom teaching in the school.

Parallel to her appointment as ICT Head, she was also charged with leading the lower primary teachers (P1-P3) in reviewing the curriculum to include Strategies for Effective and Engaged Development in English Language (SEED-EL).

Ms Lee was seconded to the MOE HQ from 2007 - 2010. Her role entailed providing consultancy for principals, Heads of Departments and English Language teachers in the use of ICT.

After her term in MOE HQ, she specialised in the teaching of English in the primary school. She led staff from a mission school in various training programmes, including action research in formative assessment in English.